An increase in the world’s population leads to an increase in food production. An important source of food for people all over the world is protein contained in the meat of animals and birds. Being engaged in the production of vaccines, equipment and providing relevant services, Ceva Santa Animal Company assists in the protection of both animal health and human health, while maintaining food security.

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Cevac®TRANSMUN IBD: immunocomplex vaccine against Gumboro disease.

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Infectious bursal disease, Gumboro disease, (IBD) is currently an urgent problem for poultry meat production. The only effective way of prevention that provides protection against the highly virulent IBB virus is timely vaccination of susceptible chickens. The high content of maternal antibodies in the serum of day-old chickens prevents the formation of immunity to IBD when using traditional live vaccines.

Ceva Sante Animal scientists have developed an immunocomplex vaccine against infectious bursal disease — Cevac® TRANSMUN IBD, which is used once. The new technology used in the creation of immunocomplex vaccines made it possible to overcome the influence of maternal immunity on vaccination against IBD and apply the vaccine to chickens in the hatchery by the “in ovo” method and subcutaneously. The advantage of this type of vaccine is the possibility of replication of the vaccine virus in the cells of the fabricium bag, regardless of the concentration of maternal antibodies in day-old chickens.

Currently, Ceva Sante Animal company offers a wide range of vector vaccines for birds based on vector smallpox virus VECTORMUNE® FP, and vector turkey herpes virus VECTORMUNE® HVT.

Vaccines of the VECTORMUNE® series have proven their effectiveness in the control of infectious diseases of birds in different countries of the world:

When using vector vaccines, the production indicators of birds do not decrease: there are virtually no post-vaccination reactions.
When using vector vaccines, the number of bird vaccinations decreases: VECTORMUNE® vaccines cause long-term immunity, therefore, as a rule, there is no need for revaccination in the field.
When using vector vaccines, there is no horizontal spread of the vaccine virus: the risk of infection of the environment with viral pathogens of the disease, which can lead to uncontrolled infection of birds, is excluded.
The use of vector vaccines improves the overall epizootic situation in the farm: VECTORMUNE® vaccines do not cause post-vaccination reactions, the spread of the vaccine virus (“rolling” infection), improve the overall health of the herd, thereby reducing the negative impact of viral and bacterial agents on the body of birds during the productive period.

Ceva Sante Animal Company is:

The world’s largest manufacturer of vector vaccines with a wide range of combinations: VECTORMUNE® HVT-NDV, VECTORMUNE® FP-LT, VECTORMUNE® FP –MG and many others.
The company N° 1 in the world for the use of immune complex technology: Cevac® TRANSMUN IBD
The company N° 1 in the world for the production and sale of vaccines against Gumboro disease: Cevac®TRANSMUN IBD, VECTORMUNE® HVT-IBD, Cevac® IBD L, and Cevac® Gumbo L.
The company N° 1 in the USA for the production and sale of vaccines against avian salmonellosis: LAIERMUN® SE and LAIERMUN® 3.
The company N° 1 in the USA for the sale of vaccines against the infectious anemia virus of chickens (vIAC): CIRCOMUN®.
One of the largest suppliers of vaccines against avian influenza and Newcastle disease: Cevac®FLY-KEM.

We have also developed for the first time inactivated broad-spectrum vaccines: CORIMUN® 4K and CORIMUN® 7K, designed to prevent salmonellosis, infectious rhinitis and major viral diseases.

Ceva Sante Animal Company produces more than 1000 licensed biological products for birds worldwide.

The full catalog of vaccines for poultry farming can be found here.

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