The product line of the company Ceva for cattle was developed on the basis of the already established areas of competence of the company.

Ceva Company has developed the Reproduction program, which is a full range of necessary hormonal drugs to eliminate postpartum pathologies and obtain maximum offspring. The use of hormonal drugs according to the Ovsinch and Presinch schemes allows you to optimize labor costs for obtaining calves.

All Medications

Ovarelin® contains gonadorelin as an active substance (in the form of tetrahydrate diacetate). One dose of 2 ml for all indications for use.

Enzaprost® contains dinoprost as an active substance (in the form of trometamol). One dose of 5 ml for all indications for use.

Prid Delta® Contains progesterone 1.55 g as an active substance .

Intravaginal device for synchronizing sexual hunting in cows

Taking into account the development of dairy and beef cattle breeding in Russia and the problems arising in this regard, Ceva Sante Animal has completed the development of a large range of injectable antibacterial drugs Cevolution.

The drugs included in the range have properties such as light resuspending and injection (patency through small-section needles).

The preparations are delivered in an innovative, practical, resistant to mechanical damage, lightweight and ergonomic CLAS bottle, which makes them as convenient as possible for use. The range includes Tetravet® L.A., Spirovet®, VETRIMOXIN® L.A., MARBOX®, Cevaxel®RTU and FLORKEM®.

For many years, Ceva Sante Animal has been conducting research in order to find the most effective solutions — especially in the field of parasitology — for developing regions (Africa, Asia, Latin America).

As an example, we can cite public-private cooperation on the implementation of the S.O.S program to develop sustainable protection of livestock from tsetse flies and thus prevent the spread of lethargic encephalitis among people.